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Shelter From The Storm (Bob Dylan's RPDream) • 2018 rpg

Jake Householder •

Bob Dylan shivers in his bed
A Storm ravages his dreams 
Casting them as Creatures Void of Form 
Into a Little Hilltop Village 

She calls sweetly from somewhere far Beyond: 
"Come in," She says. "I'll give you Shelter..."

Sit in a circle 
Around a kitchen knife 
Describe and draw the Hilltop Village -
Its landmarks, villagers

Draw Bob Dylan 
Give him 3 sleep tokens 
When they're gone, he awakens

If the Creatures cannot enter Shelter 
Before Bob Dylan wakes 
He will never write again

Without Form, Creatures cannot 
Ask She questions 
Or enter Shelter

Nor can they enter 
With Obstacles in their path


She: Choose your Shelter - specific landmark or villager. 
Whisper it to The Storm.

The Storm: Describe an Obstacle the Creatures now face - villager or environmental.

The Creatures: Assume Form. Describe it. 
Shed it anytime to bypass an Obstacle. 

Anytime: She may spin the knife - calling to the Creatures. 
When the knife points to: 

The Storm, or no one - Thunder, removing a sleep token; or, describe another Obstacle.

A Creature - Ask She one question about her Shelter, or to give you a new Form.

She - Sing, replenishing the sleep tokens; or, pose a riddle: 
"My Shelter is like ______".

Author Comments

Massive Thanks to my friend and always-eager design partner, @teddyhumpert.

Big Thanks to helpful questions from @blach, as well as Adam, Ben and the rest of the @RPGKitchen community for the support and suggestions.

Undying thanks to Brad Metzler, @UnrealMcGravin and the other Athens Game Night crew for getting me hooked on RPGs so many moons ago.

Real ultimate thanks to my partner and kids for not freaking out while I spent too-many-hours spinning a sharp kitchen knife on the table.

And lastly - thanks Bob Dylan for your eerie, wondrous, evocative words which build worlds and tear them down all at once in perpetuity. All songs are immortal. Yours are everliving.

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