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Story of the boat people • 2018 rpg

Lorelei Nguyen •

"Tell a story of our homeland."

You're on a junk ship sailing away from the only place you've ever known. THEY have taken everything from you except your soul. Now you're onboard a dingy boat with no elbow room, headed for someplace better-or so you hope.

Then the food runs out.

You'd heard stories of refugees playing dangerous games on other boats, with unlucky fools becoming sustenance for those left behind. You would not call them winners. But on this boat, the rules are...different.

Stories are the lifeblood of any community. Your homeland as you knew it might be changed forever, but like the name Saigon, it will never be truly gone so long as you remember it.

Tales are told in rounds. After everyone has taken a turn, the worst storyteller is killed to feed the others. Roll a six-sided dice at the end of every round. Remember the result, as you remember home. Once you have rolled six thrice, you will arrive at the mainland with whoever is left. They "win", surviving with new stories to tell.

So tell your story, sailor of dreams. Sing of our homeland. You are of the boat people now.

Author Comments

My game is based on the real experiences of Vietnamese refugees, specifically the boat people who fled Vietnam in the late 70’s and 80’s. This is a story of my people, my family, but the game can be about a more general “home.”

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