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Messed Up Mechs • 2018 rpg

Swiftster • no link

There's been a terrible mistake at the giant mecha factory and all of the parts were mixed up! Time for a giant mecha brawl to sort things out!

You'll need 3+ players, pen, notecards, and a six sided dice.

1. Each player designs a giant mecha! A giant mecha has two arms, two legs, and a head. Put each part on a separate notecard. Each part has one power or weapon. Be as creative or silly as you want. 

2. Pass your mech to another player. Add a different weakness to each part. 

3. Mix all the parts together, then each player recieves a random collection of five parts, two legs, two arms, one head. Return parts that belonged to you originally.

4. Tear them apart! Players take turns narrating an attack with one of their parts, trying to remove an enemy part! Roll the die, Attacks knock off a part on a six or higher. Defenders should also state their reaction.

Players not in combat give out bonuses or penalities to the roll as they deem appropriate:
- Creativity
- Exploit weakness
- Previous part damage
- Clever defenses
- Dramatic speeches
- Heroic determination
- Witty oneliners

Once removed parts can't be reattatched. 

Author Comments

Have fun!

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