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Publish or Perish • 2018 rpg

James Iles •

The 23rd Multinational Medical Symposium has begun, but a spreading pathogen threatens the future of global healthcare...

Each player gets a card and a pawn. From high downwards, say your name, field, and quirk.

Lowest card? You're sick.

Build the Disease Track: 5 facedown cards.

When sick: Put your pawn on first track card.
When on a facedown card: Flip it and describe that step's symptoms.

EACH DAY: Sick pawns advance a card. Those already at the end die.
Everyone picks one:

 - RESEARCH: Draw a card. Describe your findings.
 - TREAT: Discard a card whose suit matches the track. Move someone's pawn back a step, say how you help. If the card's 7+, you're sick.
 - COLLABORATE: Swap hands with someone. Keep a card and swap back. If one was sick, both are now.
 - PUBLISH: Play a card faceup and gain 1 prestige. If its suit matches the track, you're sick.
 - CURE: Secretly look at the entire track. If your hand plus PUBLISHED cards forms a poker hand better than the track's, you find a cure; gain 5 prestige and everybody can TREAT without discarding. If not, discard your hand.

AFTER 7 DAYS, most prestige is celebrated; dead are mourned.

Author Comments

Based on my experiences watching my colleagues get very ill at a global anti-Malaria symposium - along with observation of the perverse incentives in academia that can pit career advancement against saving lives.

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