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Hanging like pigs • 2018 rpg

Davide • no link

The war is over and a fascist officer has time to think before being hanged.
This is a two players game in which you are required to describe a situation, not the event itself.

Draw a circle in the centre of a white sheet, this will become the symbol of your fascism.
Victim: use a question from each list to set the scene, which must outline: where it is happening, who is the victim, what did they hope for (first list) and what is going to happen (second list).
Draw a new part of the symbol.

- When did you start believing in fascism?
- Why did you vote for them?
- How did you support the party?
- Why did you think the war was right?

Fascist: end the scene explaining how you, your soldiers and the victim got there and why, for the first time, you thought it was:

- necessary to silence a dissident
- imperative to kill
- important to execute a child
- right to rape

and you didn't prevent it.

Stain the symbol with drawings inspired by the scene.
Exchange roles, mark the used questions and continue till the last.
The fascists are hanged asking themselves: Was it worth it?

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