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Have You Heard This One Before? • 2018 rpg

Maerill B. • no link

For 3 - 8 Players

You're a group of young children sitting around a campfire, as the night darkens it's time to tell your favourite spooky stories. Whomever volunteers to go first will start off. 

Once the story has started and the initial premise is described: place, time, people involved, type of horror alluded to, anyone has the ability to interrupt telling the storyteller "That's not how this one goes!" and must follow up with their edited details of how the story should go. The remaining listeners will decide whose story sounds the most interesting to continue, in the event of a tie vote settle it with a round of rock/paper/scissors. Winner continues on with their version of the story.

Continue the story with as many interjections and fights for control until it reaches a natural conclusion, upon which whomever ends the story is considered the winner. They now are the most knowledgeable of scary stuff and the most grown up. The winner decides the type of story to be told next and who tells it.

The game repeats and continues with competitively telling stories until you are out of stories, the youngest gets tired, or someone's mom calls.

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