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Dust, Hope & Wind • 2018 rpg

Zach Cullimore •

Each of y'all play a farmer or immediate family member. Describe yourself and your life.

Say what will dry up and blow away without the rain. If it is trivial, get 1d6. If it is your farm, marriage or life, get d20. Other dice (d8, d10 or d12) can be assigned by the group as they deem fit.

Say how you handle the drought and collect dice for it. Hock the house for crop insurance? d10. Pray for rain? d8. Give up on your rose garden? d6. Lobby your Congresscritter? d12. More effort means bigger dice.

Thunderheads build in the east, and a cool wind backs around to catch them. Where are you when the sky gets dark, and what are you doing? Get dice from the group if you're outside doing something important or you're at risk of getting caught in a bad way.

Everyone roll your dice and total them all. Add 3 to the total for every week since it last rained.  This is your Impact Score. Write it down.

Roll d6.

Compare it to your Impact score. Then tear it up.

On a 6 it rains.

Author Comments

I wrote this during the week I spent visiting my parents. On my phone, in the car, trying to get my toddler to sleep, listening to Kristofferson and Springsteen. I was in kind of a weird place, trying to comfort the future in the dusty ruins of the past.

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