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Day at the Planet • 2018 rpg

Emily Savidge • no link

A 1v1 game about surviving the terrestrial.

The Alien; a physically all-powerful being limited only by necessary secrecy. Their goal is to go unnoticed. 
The Planet; The Alien's normal human workplace and the colleagues/superiors therein that must be placated and kept oblivious. They present The Alien with tasks. 

When The Planet presents a task (eg. drink coffee, type a report) they give a target number: 
     7 (minimal effort for humans) 
     10 (average) 
     14 (unreasonable) 
     17 (beyond human limitations) 
The Alien then rolls any number of d6 they choose. 

If the result is up to two above or below the target number, they succeed and narrate their actions accordingly. 

If they are 3 or more below the target number, they narrate their failure from insufficient effort (they fumble/drop the mug, the report is late). 

If they are 3 or more above the target number, they narrate how their over-achievement arouses suspicion (they crush the mug in their grip, the report is impossibly detailed). 

The game ends when: 
     The Alien fails 3 tasks and is fired for incompetence 
     The Alien over-achieves 3 tasks, is exposed as an alien, and shunned 
     The Alien gets through the day

Author Comments

Thanks to Michael Duxbury, Alberto Muti, and Stephen Morphew for convincing me this was worth allowing to see the light of day

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