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Books RPG • 2018 rpg

Joshua Hay •

Each person should bring one book, novel-sized, but not necessarily fictional.
To flip to a random page in your book is to "flip."
Reflip if the requested feature isn't present.

On this page, pick and write down:
-any string of words. That's your NAME.
-a combined total of three verbs (gerunds allowed) and adjectives. You are good at or have these QUALITIES.
-any two nouns. Use these TOOLS.

When you face a test that you might fail at, flip. Close your eyes, point to a random part of the page. Use one word in this line or the two surrounding to explain a connection, that makes narrative sense, to any of your Qualities. You succeed if you can. If a word exactly matches one of your Qualities, you succeed greatly.

Use your "FIGHTING" (Quality) against the "WOMAN" (found word) to defeat the villain.
Explain what you know about how "HORSES" (found word) "RUN" (Quality) to gamble.

Embrace weirdness and accept stretches.

Flip five times. Pick one on the page from each flip:
Exposition Location
Two Rising Action Challenges
Climax Challenge
Denouement Location

Follow this novelistic structure, moving on as the players accomplish things.

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