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Volition • 2018 rpg

Tom Rollins • u/ape-opera on reddit

In which 3-6 players squabble over the fate of a single hero. The players in Volition are a pantheon of fickle gods throwing challenges in the path of a mortal hero.

Begin by building a world together, each player should pick a genre, theme or interesting detail. The last player gets to name our hero.

Each player has a secret objective, a word chosen from the hero reaction table and written on a piece of paper.

Turn sequence rotates clockwise. The active player must describe a brief scene involving our hero and then roll on the hero reaction table, this roll result will influence the next player. The next player must continue the story, describing the next scene while incorporating the hero reaction and then rolling again for the next player and so on. A scene ends when the reaction roll has been resolved.

Players win by using their secret objective to kill our hero.

Hero Reaction Table D20

1-3 next players choice
4 Lust
5 Prudence
6 Gluttony
7 Justice
8 Greed
9 Temperance
10 Sloth
11 Courage
12 Wrath
13 Faith
14 Envy
15 Hope
16 Pride
17 Charity
18-20 Your Choice

Author Comments

Thank you to all GM’s

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