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TRAMP • 2018 rpg

Luke Miller •

A collaborative game of value creation using Fudge Dice (dF) marked [+], [_], [-]

Players are business associates venturing into the Tramp Trade

At each stage, each player: 

	Divides up to three dice between the ENTERPRISE, and the player's GAIN.  
	Each die allocated represents a chance for RETURN or RISK

	For each die allocated, describe how they add value to 
	the group's shared ENTERPRISE, or the player's own individual GAIN

		OWNER: Describe your VESSEL and how it helps the ENTERPRISE or PERSONAL PROFIT

		BROKER: Describe the CARGO or YOUR CUT

		PURSER: Describe how you improve EFFICIENCY or TAKE KICKBACKS

	Roll the dice for the shared ENTERPRISE:
		Count [+] and [_] towards the MARGIN.  Count [-] against the MARGIN.

	Roll the dice for the player's individual GAIN:
		Count [+] and [_] towards GAIN.  Count and [-] against MARGIN.

After all have rolled, if the margin is negative or any player wishes to exit the GROUP, 
divide the margin between players and sum with their individual GAIN.  
The net result is their profit or loss.

If the margin is positive and all players wish to continue, iterate the game.  
Positive margin may be spent 1:1 to negate RISKs.

Author Comments

There are 9 instances of die face icons ( [+], [_], [-] ) that are not counted by the word counter, but which I have reserved word-count for.

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