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How (And Why) I Took Over The World • 2018 rpg

Randy Lubin •

You are a scheming supervillain bent on world domination and convinced of your inevitable success. You are recording this series of video-blogs to help future historians understand your meteoric rise.

- Dress-up
- Friends commenting, in-character
- Matching Twitter account
- Singing

# Playing the Game

Record a series of video-blogs with the following prompts, and post them online. Aside from the introduction and conclusion, feel free to jump around or skip prompts; end when it feels right.

# Introduction (First Post)

- What is your villainous name?
- How are you unique?
- Why are you taking over the world?

# Origin

- What incident set you on this path? 
- What type of ruler will you be?
- How will you succeed?
- Why don't people take you seriously?
- Who's your greatest ally?

# Rise

- What's your next scheme?
- How'd a recent scheme go?
- What major breakthrough have you made?
- Who's your nemesis?
- What's your reaction to recent press / comments?
- How're you rebranding?
- Answer fan questions...

# Climax

- What's your final plot?
- What complications have you overcome?
- How're things spinning wildly out of control?
- What showdown are you heading toward?

# Conclusion (Final Post)

- Did you succeed?
- What's in store for you and the world?
- How do you want to be remembered?

Author Comments

Inspired by “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and Banana Chan’s “They’re Onto Me”

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