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Faire Journey • 2018 rpg

Stephanie Godfrey • no link

Requires a tarot deck

You and your friends are a group of nerds going to a Renaissance Faire. Get dressed up and enjoy the Faire... until SOMETHING HAPPENS!

Create your character:
Pick a pseudo-Renaissance name that your character will go by, like Rosalinde or Gawain.
Think about your character's personality and clothing choices for Ren Faire. 

Stats: Each stat (Cups, Coins, Wands, and Swords) have a starting value of 5. Distribute 16 points across them, with a maximum value of 12. Coins are book smarts and problem solving, cups are empathy and perception,  Wands are charisma and leadership, swords are athletics and acrobatics. Lower number means better at those skills.  

Players resolve actions:
If the DM calls for a flip, choose the relevant suit for the action, flip over your number to succeed.
Face Card Conversion
Card	Value
Page	11
Knight	12
Queen	13
King	14

If you flip a major arcana card, the player adds an interesting twist to the situation regardless of success or failure. "The Fool" counts as a critical failure-describe how your character gains new knowledge as a result of the fail. "The World" counts as a critical success-describe how you and your allies all benefit. 

Author Comments

This is my first attempt at designing a game. I have been considering creating something more complicated, so I decided to start small and enter here.

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