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Post Mortem • 2018 rpg

Chobbie Probbie • wengifford.tumblr.com

Once you loved someone. Now, they are lost, wandering, maybe, but not gone. 

Decide who will play the HUMAN and who will play the GHOST. The HUMAN speaks candidly, out loud, about their life and their love for the GHOST. The GHOST may respond with no more than ten words at a time, typed or written out.

Questions for the HUMAN:
Why did you love the GHOST?
What couldn't you tell them while they were alive?
How has the world around you changed since they died?

Questions for the GHOST:
Why do you love the HUMAN?
What have they forgotten about you?
How has their world stayed the same since you died?

You do not need to always answer a question, but they should guide your play.
When the HUMAN has answered all three questions, they move on. Tell the GHOST how.
When the GHOST has answered all three questions, they move on. Tell the HUMAN nothing.

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