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Time Noir • 2018 rpg

Lucas Von •

Welcome to the Prohibition. Each player interprets a cynic bastard with business to take care of. From a detective tired of crime ready to risk everything to a maid sick of her abusive boss. Decide the exact scenario with your group.

The problem is: You've already failed. Future You knows why, and they're going to help you by hiding useful items for you to find around the scene. Each player takes two 6-sided dice. Decide which represents Future You, and which represents Present You. Each player gets 3 Time Points per round.

At any moment, if your character is in the scene, you may spend one Time Point for Future You to hide something and for Present You to find it.
Roll both dice. Narrate the scene according to the results:

Future You
1-3: Somehow, you hid the wrong item.
4-6: You hid the right item.

Present You
1-3: You found the wrong item. You think it's the right item, and must find a use for it.
4-6: You found the right item.

The lower the number, the more useless the item is, and vice-versa.

After all Time Points are spent, a new round begins.

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