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A night in the life • 2018 rpg

Roberto Giugno • no link

2-6 players. Choose Tracy Ariel look and job.

Draw a clock and make a note on 8am. "Back at work!". Write "1" between 8 and 9. Keep numbering  till 12. 

One player throws 2d6 to see when the scene is happening, between 8pm and now.

They pick up a theme: 

- Fight
- Love
- Revenge
- Siblinghood
- Panic
- Secrets
- Monsters
- Treasure
- Vice
- Savior
- Illumination
- Karma

Set up a scene in which T.A. meets someone (known or unknown) and an Event appropriate with the theme is about to happen. Others can make questions and helping establishing facts. Then the player will play T.A and someone else the other people. When it will be unclear how the Event will turn out for T.A, throw 2d6:

1-6: this scene Theme is also pain, terror, loss or regret.
7-9: it turns out ok; next scene's theme will also be one from 1-6
10-12: this scene theme is also Healing, Success, or Quiet.

Close the scene. 

Take turns playing A.T till the clock is complete. When a hour comes up again, explore an Event's new side, in light of the new themes. Narrate an epilogue.

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