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Heroes of the Dim • 2018 rpg

Joseph D Stirling • no link

No one remembers the world before the sky went black and turned most people into Ferals. Survivors still hope that one day the Chosen will reignite the World Forge and bring back the light.


Grab d4 through d12, paper, pencils, and pals.

Health is also your Action Die. When hit, reduce your HD one size per Damage.
d12 >d10 >d8 >d6 >d4 >Dead.

Perform Action: roll HD +Level -Threat Equal or Over Skill.
Roll 10+ get +1 Effect.
Roll 1 suffer 1 Damage.
Gain one Level per adventure.


PC's have d10 HD and assign: 5+, 4+, 4+, 3+ to Skills.
Attack: roll over to hit.
Defend: roll over to dodge.
Stealth: roll over to sneak, lockpick, or backstab (+1 Damage, Close).
Magic: roll over to cast. 3 Mana. -1 Mana on Fail, can't cast without Mana. Fire: 1 Damage, Far. Cure: heal 1, Close.


Melee Weapon: 1 Damage per Hand, Close.
Ranged Weapon: 1 Damage, Far.
Shield: 1 Health.
Armor: 2 Health.
Magic Item: +1 to +3.


Subtract Threat from Skill-Roll.

Small-Feral: d4 HD, 1 Damage, -1 Threat.
Feral: d8 HD, 2 Damage, -2 Threat.
Titan-Feral: d12 HD, 3 Damage, -3 Threat.
Trap: 1 Damage, -1 to -3 Threat.

Author Comments

Enjoy! Hope you have fun with it!

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