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Start Making Sense • 2018 rpg

Patrick Pfeifer • no link

You wake up as one of the senses.

Sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch of a human.

It seems that this body has no mind rather you, the senses, are what thinks for them. Your actions are their actions.

How did you become these?
Maybe there is a way back to your own body if you can make it through the day.
How long have each of you been here?
Communicate with each other to make the person function.

Each part is responsible for their own function.
Sight - Eyes - Looking
Taste - Mouth - Speech
Smell - Nose - Emotion
Hear - Ears - Noise
Touch - Muscles - Movement 

Only one sense can have control over the nervous system at a time and communicate their findings to the body. When finished, pass the nerves over to another sense of your choosing.
Once a day each sense can have an 'overload' in which they take control of the nerves, stating an epiphany that's true about the world or situation. 

Who were you?
Does your past have any effect on the bodies present?
Learn who your new body is from the things you experience throughout the day.
Find a way with the others to live again.

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