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While Waiting • 2018 rpg

Felisberto Lagartinha •

An intrusive improv Larp to break routine.
This game is to be played at a train station (or bus stop).

Make sure you have a few minutes before the next train arrives. Search for a face that you have seen before but have never met. 

Make up a backstory, the more outrageous the better. Introduce yourself to that person in character. 

Ask her if she would do something simple for you that would make sense within the fiction (drop a letter in a drop spot, solve a simple math problem, give you spare change). Must be something that she can do right away. If she does the thing for you win 10 points. 

Show her this game. Ask her if she believed in your story. If she did not believe it but still went to do something you asked, win extra 10 points. 

Everytime you meet her, if you're still on talking terms score +1 point. If she starts playing the game win 50 points. 

Don't forget to keep score.

Author Comments

thank you for the contest, golder cobra and 200 word are one of my favorite things.

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