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A Kinder's Hide and Seek • 2018 rpg

Shawn Roske • no link

Number of players: 2-10
Set a time limit on how long the game lasts.

One person asks, "Can we play Hide and Seek?"
That player picks someone and says, "You count."

Hiding players go hide in an obvious place. A player is hiding when there is no eye contact with the seeker and the seeker cannot see the hiding player's entire body-- covering your eyes behind a chair is a legal hiding place.

The seeker counts while barely covering their eyes. The count is to 10, or higher, depending how long it takes a hiding player to find a hiding place.

Those hiding usually giggle or make noises while the seeker loudly proclaims where they are looking. The seeker will look in places closer and closer to a hiding player, knocking on objects and saying, "where is [hiding player's name]? Are they [place they are looking]?"

Then, the seeker loudly 'finds' a hiding player by declaring, "There you are! I found you!" The seeker, and found players, continue seeking together until all hiders are found.

When all hiders are found a new person can become the new seeker, if everyone agrees.

Author Comments

Does it count if I just write down a classic?

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