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The 1000 Mononoke of Kimon • 2018 rpg

Shaun D. Ramsey, Ph.D. •

 - The Mononoke have escaped through Kimon. The world burns! You can help!?

 - Players begin with control of a Mononoke.
 - Mononoke have SPIRIT, STRENGTH, and STYLE (denoted STATs).
 - Roll on each STAT table for your Mononoke's name. 
 - Assign 3 to a STAT. Assign 2 to another STAT. Assign 1 to the last.

 - The number of Mononoke you control is denoted NUM.
 - The best score in each STAT is denoted BEST.

 - The Gamemaster chooses enemies. If playing solo: Roll NUM enemies. For each, roll on the table for names and STATs. Track names and BEST.

 - To fight, add 1d10 + STAT. 
 - The highest number wins that STAT. Ties force a reroll.  Win two STAT rolls to win.
 - On a win, choose:
     - Add one monster to your stable (keep BEST). 
     - Add one to any STAT
 - If you lose:
     - Subtract one from any STAT.

 - Choose leveling and your companions wisely. 

1   Uni                   ri                 chu          1
2   Drak                 -                  corn         1  
3   Liz                    ka               fon           1
4   Were                kar              too           2
5   Frog                 par              nari          2
6   Cat                   cor              dori          2
7   Wolf                 fer               loo           3
8   Drak                 phii             le              3
9   Phi                   turt             pool          3
10  Omega              '               flare          4

Author Comments

I really wish I could had the room to do an example solo player starter tutorial. Beware the Omega’flare and the Wereturtle! I’ll likely make a new category on my website to post something like this after the competition posts. Good luck to all the readers and designers. Take care of each other and keep making and playing games!

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