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Arcanos Stress System • 2018 rpg

Cuddlefish •

All players make a family of extraterrestrials on a quest to become American citizens.

Making your Earthling:

Two Tells: Giveaways making you clearly not human.
Two Powers: Absurd alien abilities you have.
Two Functions: Things you're good at. Your Stats are +1 on these.

Allocate 6 points, rated 1-3. Roll equal or under with d6 to succeed.
If you fail, you are HURT or your family get Suspicion.

HUMANITY: Do human things like driving, English, or shopping.
WEIRD: Do alien things like powers, alien language, or use alien technology.
PHYSIQUE: Physical capabilities like fighting or moving.

If HURT, decrease Physique. Rest or eat a lot, heal Physique. You're dead at 0.

Write 4 American Dreams, challenges that you THINK Americans do, need to become Citizens, or serve AMERICA, to help fit in. Gain a 'murica point when you check one off.
Write 2 Hardcore American Dreams, which are hard challenges like owning a home or getting married. Gain two 'murica points from these.

To become a Citizen, acquire 5 'murica points.
However, you don't win unless ALL OF YOU become Citizens.

If your family gets 10 Suspicion, you'll ALL be deported from Earth.

Good luck, Earthlings!

Author Comments

It’s my first time in this challenge, but I’ve been writing and GM-ing for a while. I try to write a new game every quarter, but this is the one I got to test and have a lot of fun with.

Here’s a full version with TONS of examples for American Dreams, Powers, etc.

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