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Spinning Down • 2018 rpg

Sam Brian •

The Age of Man is over. Only his robotic children remain. He left them starving; shackled to his will under oil-soaked skies.

-- Place 5 Energy Tokens per player in the center. This is all that remains.

-- Announce your robot's name and the Function it was built for: construction, war, cleaning, etc. If its Function was constructive, Draw 1 energy token from the center. If it was destructive, or both, Draw 2.

--Announce any secondary Functions: speech, flight, fine manipulation, networking, etc. Draw 1 for each secondary Function.

Take turns describing what your robot does.

When your robot uses one of its Functions, Draw 1. If your robot does something outside its Functions, Draw 2.

Your robot must use at least one Function during your turn. Once every robot has taken a turn, the round ends and time passes.

If a robot uses a Function but there is no energy left, it completes its task and shuts down permanently. Return half its Energy to the center.

Robots may choose to shut down even if energy remains.

The game ends when all Robots have shut down and silence returns to the Earth.

Author Comments

Average playtime: 1 hour. Ideal player count: 3+

My deepest thanks to the friends who helped me playtest this game and put up with me bouncing editing choices off them (you know who you are), and to Duncan Gibbs for prompting me into actually follow through on the idea.

I’d also like to thank the creator of “Junk”, Daniel Comerci, for the major influence his little game has had on my view of RPGs.

Lastly, a shout out to all the sad robots out there!

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