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The Retrospective at the End of the Universe • 2018 rpg

Garrett Greer •

The old ones that have been long forgotten meet one final time before the heat death of the universe. The topic of last followers come up. Every one of primordials had one last follower.  The worshiper experienced one disappointment, and they lost faith forever.

Each player writes a disappointment, and a worshiper on index cards. Deal a random disappointment card and worshiper card to each player.

E.g. worshiper: Dave the librarian, a rock, Stacy the space weasel.

E.g. disappointments: bone cancer in children, lack of free will, no meaning in existence, no tacos on taco tuesday.

The gods first introduce each other by name and domain

  Halfnir - Lord of Pretty Lies
  Goldren - Mast of the Liminal
  Plang'nar - The Cosmic Leaf

In order each god gives a short biography of their worshiper.
Why the worshiper follows their god?
How did they die?

One other god reveals a disappointment card then describes the moment the follower experienced the disappointment. The worshiper's god must explain why the disappointment was necessary.

The gods vote on the justification. If the disappointment is judged justified, smite the worshiper and disappointment in accordance to your doctrine.

Save surviving worshipers and disappointments for future games.

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