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Enslaved Star • 2018 rpg

Lester Ward •

FORGE: A semi-sentient magical neutron star. You have been enslaved, converted to forge weapons for gods. You cannot communicate directly.
SMITH: The disfigured artisan who runs Forge, catering to the whim of the gods. You are lonely and bitter.
HERO: A patheon's chosen champion. You are glorious and expendable.
THREAT: The dire problem that Hero requires a new weapon to defeat.

Each round, select who plays Forge, Smith, and a new Hero. Players take each role only once. Everyone else is Threat. The game ends after everyone has played Forge.

Hero casually mentions a pantheon of gods, and explains why they are its champion.

Threat decides what threatens the pantheon, and why.

Smith describes who comissioned a new weapon, and what is crafted in response.

Forge describes how it secretly undermines the weapon.

Threat describes how it destroyed d100 percent of the pantheon.

Hero describes how the weapon drove back Threat, but will never again be the same.

Forge describes how Hero lost the weapon and how it went on to further Forge's agenda.

Smith describes how/why the weapon was eventually destroyed or fell into disuse, and why Forge will never be free.

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