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By Pinfall Or Submission • 2018 rpg

Frankie F Garza •

Two players are having a wrestling match
Grab a deck of playing cards, shuffle it, and split between players
Draw up to 5 each turn then simultaneously play your cards
After every turn narrate the match together based on what you played
Hearts = pins
Diamonds= submissions
Clubs= power moves/ high flying
Spades=quick strikes
Face cards: worth 10
Cards of same suit get added, highest number wins
Aces: reversals, discard the ace and take what your opponent played, that becomes what you played
If hearts wins, opponent must discard 3 cards from their hand, if unable, opponent is pinned
If diamonds wins opponent must discard full hand, if opponent has no hand, they tap out
If clubs wins opponent must discard from deck equal to the number difference
If spades wins opponent must discard hand, if opponent has an empty hand, nothing happens
Ties are a botch, crowd boos, both players discard their hands
If a player runs out of cards, the game continues, until opponent plays a pin or submission, if both players run out of cards the match is called a no contest and both players lose
Narrate the ending of the match and how the crowd reacted

Author Comments

Thanks to all my friend who encourage and inspire me. Particularly thanks to Taylor, if not for you I may have never started writing games

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