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Two hearts beat as one: a game for two bodies • 2018 rpg

will jobst •

this is a game of pulse-reading and heart-syncing for two bodies

play in the moments between moments. this game involves soft touch and quiet.

the only requirement for this game is mutual, whole-body continuous consent. it can stop at any time, you can change your mind, and agreeing to play doesn't mean you've said yes to anything else.

to play:

-take your own pulse on your wrist, inside you elbow, at the side of your neck, or on the top of your foot, at your groin, on your temple, or behind your knees.
-once you feel it, ask your fellow player if and where you may take their pulse. take their pulse while maintaining your own. 
-your fellow player will ask you the same, all while maintaining your own pulse and theirs. 
-hold your combined pulse until you both feel your two hearts beat as one.


you are gods laying in the mud and wind of creation, your hearts-beats is the settling of everything. name yourself, your domain, and take pulses. once both hearts beat as one, both partners exchange the following statement:

"could you feel my ____?" 
"yes, I could feel your ____."

the heart-sync marks creation, then affirmation. 

Author Comments

for a printable version in one-page zine form (complete with davinci illustrations), say “hey”.

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