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The Apocalypse but like ... Right Now • 2018 rpg

Emily Turner •

As your group sits down for a night of RPG fun, the apocalypse begins. The nature of the apocalypse is determined by the group and can be anything from zombie invasions to natural disasters. Determine three consequences your selected apocalypse has on your surroundings (ex: severe flooding, enemies roaming the streets, etc).
Pick a location at least one mile from your current position that all players are familiar with. That location is your safe house. Your goal is to navigate to the safe house while surviving the apocalypse. Your ability to succeed is determined by your real-life capabilities.
Abilities: Some tasks require physical skills to complete. To complete the task, the player must perform a comparable action out of game. To vault a table in-game, you must prove that you can jump as high as said table out of game. To dive underwater and retrieve an item in-game, you must hold your breath for the same amount of time out of game.

Provisions: Everything in your vicinity is fair use.
Craft: If a player wants to combine or re-purpose their provisions, they must describe the process to create their desired product as well as succeed on an appropriate ability check.

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