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Media-RPG • 2018 rpg

Pablo López •

Each player, recording first person videos and sharing them by internet with rest of players, narrates how they move through the story the game-master (GM) is narrating. 

Each round represents a day and has this structure: 

 - Prelude: GM generates non-player character (NPC) recordings for updating the state of the game after the actions taken by the players the previous day and giving information for current day. 

 - Morning: Each player sends a video narrating his current state and its plan for today. 

 - Events: In order to go forward through the story proposed by the GM, players will have to describe individually what they want to do for solving current situation and how these events develop. Each time a player want to describe an event, will have to send two types of recordings: 
      · "Getting ready" recording, describing what is going to happen. According to this, the GM will tell the player some constraints for the event development. 
      · Conclusion recording, describing how the event developed taking into account the constraints the GM set. 

 - End of the day: Each player sends a video summarizing the day. 

GM and players can also send any multimedia resource (newspaper, photo, ...) that enhances the narration.

Author Comments

This game concept arises from the idea of playing rpg games when you cannot meet with another person easily. The video recording part is inspired by the films where the character sits down alone in from of the laptop and begins to narrate the day.

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