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OK Phobos • 2018 rpg

Brad Fiore •

Two players.

Whether you're a teenage tentacle creature or wide-eyed grey, romance is understanding that others don't see us the way we see ourselves. Cultural differences can be harder to bridge than the light-years between us. Thank the stars for dating apps!

Each player is an alien from a different planet. Name your planet and character. Imagine them.

Each player chooses a different color pen, and writes four different one-word details about their character on separate paper squares:


(Avoid describing human players.)

The three categories above are kept secret, but remember them. Only the detail itself is written. 

Trade cards. Take turns placing them in any pile of your choice:

-"Attractive" qualities on player 1's planet
-"Unattractive" qualities on player 1's planet
-"Attractive" qualities on player 2's planet
-"Unattractive" qualities on player 2's planet

Each pile must have at least one card.

Finally, your first date! Each describe your character, the setting, and let conversation flow. Remember, not every member of a planet finds the same things attractive, but will still be influenced by cultural norms.

How did it go? Who messages back first? Second date?

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