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Deck Heroes • 2018 rpg

Rayvern • no link

Each player builds from a standard deck of cards:
...Character Deck - All Picture cards (J=1, Q=2, K=3)
...Action Deck - The Rest (Ace to 10 plus Jokers)

Build Character:
Spend from Character Deck to acquire stats.
4 Primary Stats: 2=average human
Remainder become Power Deck. 

Select Power Theme (Magic, Tech, etc)

Any Test:
Draw cards equal to applied Stat rank.
Select one card to apply:
...Ace drawn = apply Queen power effect.
...Joker drawn = discard highest drawn card.
Compare Card value to difficulty
...Easy Task is 5
...In PvP: highest value wins
...Difference is the scale of success/damage.

Discard the chosen card plus 1 other, shuffle rest into action deck.
If have Stat of 1: draw two cards, take lowest value. Discard both.

Damage received equals cards discarded from action deck.
Unconscious if no cards left to draw. 
Recreate each deck after a rest.

Play power cards to use superpowers: 
...higher rank = more power.
...Remains in effect until applied to a test.
Effects in a test are equal to value:
...Return discarded cards to deck
...Draw more cards
...Multiply highest drawn card value
Then shuffle into Action deck (action value is 10).

Author Comments

Superheroes drawn from a deck of cards.

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