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Simple Farmer Geoff's Seed Exchange • 2018 rpg

Charlie Stark •

It's farming season and Simple Farmer Geoff (SFG) has the best seeds. You need them to survive.

Set timer for desired round duration.
One player is SFG while the rest choose monikers as desired. 
Prepare numbered tokens (non-duplicated). 

SFG privately chooses one token to be the Rare Seed. 

Players put tokens in a container.

Each player draws one random token. SFG receives the rest in-container.

 === PLAY ===
SFG draws one token from container. 

Next clockwise player (P1) asks SFG "What is that seed worth?" or similar variant.

SFG responds according to seed value. The closer its value to the Rare Seed, the more preposterous. 

P1 may take SFG's seed, trade their seed for SFG's, or pass. 

If passed, SFG keeps that seed for themselves and draws another.

P2 questions P1 or SFG for an indicated seed. Players answer based on implied seed value via SFG's first claim. Continue clockwise.

Play continues until timer ends the "season." Rare Seed revealed. Players add seeds.

Values less than Rare Seed's added to player's count. 
Values greater than Rare Seed's subtract 5 points from player's count. 

Highest total value wins.

 === STRATEGY ===
Bluffing. Multi-seed claims. Consecutive seasons, new Rare Seeds. Rotating SFGs.

Author Comments

Feel free to get as ridiculous as you like! Multiple seasons with building claims can really change the stakes of the game as well.

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