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Preternatural • 2018 rpg

Will Sobel •

The Monster writes down a Hidden Number (1-6) and creature with weakness (Vampire/fire). Hunters take 4d6 Weapons of any color. The Monster takes a black d6 for each Hunter.
The Monster describes a crime scene. Hunters roll their dice to investigate. 
Each result that is within 1 of the Hidden Number, The Monster describes a Clue. 
Each result that equals the Hidden Number The Hunters get a Bonus Die. 
Each other result, The Monster gets a black d6. 
Hunters may guess the Hidden Number and Monster type. If correct, move to the Fight Scene. If incorrect, The Monster gains a black d6.
The Monster assigns each Hunter a number. Hunters distribute Bonus Die among them.
The Monster rolls their dice. Hunters get one die with their assigned number. The Monster gives Hunters any dice with the Hidden Number. 
Hunters attack in whatever order they want. Each result of the Hidden Number becomes Locked.
Repeat these two steps until a Goal is fulfilled.
Hunters win: Locked dice equal to the amount of black dice. Locked dice with a color matching a weakness counts twice.
The Monster wins: all black dice are assigned.

Author Comments

If you can make an argument for how your die color is a weakness, go for it. If you picked yellow and think it’s garlic and you’re fighting a vampire - that’s a weakness in my book.

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