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Lightning • 2018 rpg

Ron Hild & Tien Vu Do • no link

You are in complete darkness and can not move. Your head hurts and your memories are fragmented. Next to you you hear strange noises. But then a lightning flashes and for a tiny moment your surroundings are lit up.

What have you seen? Where are you? Why you can not move? And above all, what will you do?

Mix a deck of 32 cards. Every player who says something reveals a card. 

At each 7, another flash twitches and you see something again. When all 7s have been revealed, the game ends immediately.

At each 8, the thunder superimposes all sounds - you have to communicate in a different way. 

At each 9, you listen to the strange noise. How does it sound, what could it be?

At each 10, a part of your memory comes back.

At every jack, queen and king, you describe what you do to escape from this situation.

At every ace, something unexpected happens to one of the players.
In critical situations, a coin is thrown that decides on success or failure.

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