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Ships Passing • 2018 rpg

Mackenzie Hayes •

You are lovers reincarnating in a staggered pattern, immortal and alone, doomed to forever share only love and death. You don't remember why or how. There is no solution, nothing to fight, no way to understand why this has happened to you or where it stops.

Elder carries the memories of lives past and always dies when inevitable reunion causes Younger to fall in love again. Only in the moment immediately before death will Younger remember, becoming Elder and re-starting the cycle. 

Only one can talk at a time, centered on each other but forever out of sync.

Elder, describe -
- How long has it been?
- How have you changed?
- When do you decide to find them? Why now?
- What is your greatest fear about finding them?

Younger - 
- Who are you now?
- How do you meet?
- What makes you fall in love?
- How do they die?
- How was it your fault?
- What is the first memory that returns?

You can only converse directly when Elder is dying. Roll d6 after each exchange, once you roll a 1 the moment is lost. Younger is now Elder, and Elder is reborn.

There is no end, merely endurance. You will see your love again.

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