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Michelin Star Panic • 2018 rpg

David Hardie •

Players: 4+
Divide cards into four shuffled piles based on suit and a fifth with Aces, Royals, and Jokers.

The players are professional chefs. Take time to get to know one another. Assign each player a role.

Prep: Holds only one card. May give card freely to anyone. May draw from any deck.
Sous: Holds three cards. May give single cards to Preps or their entire hand to the Head.
Head: Holds five cards. Can only give single cards to Preps or Declare dishes complete. May Discard.
Client: Sets a culinary situation, including taste, quantity, and price preferences. Be cruel.

Hearts: Sweet
Diamond: Sour
Spade: Salty
Club: Bitter
Face: Savory

Players have 10 minutes. A dish is a poker hand. Higher numbers are more expensive. Aces high, Jokers low. When time is up, players converse about menu to the Client. If Client is satisfied, gain a Michelin star, Head is promoted to Client, and Client becomes a Prep. If Client is unsatisfied, lose a Michelin star and Head is demoted to Prep. A Sous is promoted to the new Head and chooses someone to replace him.

Victory: Three Stars.
Defeat: Fail to satisfy a Client with no stars left.

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