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Charming friends and magic cakes. • 2018 rpg

Ruber Eaglenest •

An epistolary magic bakery roleplaying game.

In a universe where there are magical ingredients that could affect the mood of the commensals... a group of friends, scholars of Magic Bakery, keep correspondence with each other. They write about their lives, problems, and desires, and they cook special cakes to affect the lives of their friends.

1.- Together the players define the universe where the game will take place.
2.- Define a magic system or use an existing one. The system must complement real-life recipes, just use magic variations, for example: add felicitas sugar (improves happiness), iracundias leavening and negatus flour (negates anger).
3.- Each player defines the character they will play. Start narrating it to the others by turn, explaining your current situation.
4.- Go home and send real letters to each other in character. Attach a bakery recipe. Attach a "consequence" for the recipe.
5.- The character that receives a recipe, bakes it, eats it and reads the "consequence". Apply the magical effect to her character, further developing her and the story.
6.-  Answer each letter back in character.
7.- Repeat and enjoy the cakes. Play, maybe, for some weeks, months or a whole life.

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