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Bowls and Burrows • 2018 rpg

Kristopher Purzycki •

Materials: magazines and books, pen knife, container, public place

Description: Players perform randomly drawn characters and circumstances.

Filling the Bowls: 

1. Flip through the magazines and books, cutting resonant words and phrases from them. 
2. Collect slips until the bottom of the container (the "Bowl") is blanketed in creative potential.

Building the Burrows:

3. With the filled Bowl, go to a public place by yourself or with an accomplice. This place should have other potential players there.
4. Once an accomplice is available, begin by each picking a slip from the Bowl. If no accomplice is available, find one among the rabble.
5. The first slip is the Character to be played. Each player introduces themselves in character.
6. Each draws another slip ("the Burrow") which describes their relationship to the other.
7. The player with the most obtuse slip starts by acting out the Burrow. The other can jump in at any time, evoking their own Burrow.
8. Players continue until their interaction starts to feel like a narrative, at which time they must either Bowl (draw another slip) or Burrow (invite another player)
9. The cycle starts anew.
10. Once done, assemble the used slips into a poem.

Author Comments

Thanks to Sirion for feedback and inspiration.

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