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Bronze Temple: The Game of Pyrrhic Attrition • 2018 rpg

RoosterCastille • http://social.heckin.tech/rc

The Empire is invading and violating the holy sanctity of the worship at the Bronze Temple. The characters, or Defenders, might not be of the faithful - they may be foreign allies - but they definitely all need the Empire's conquest of the known world to be slowed or stopped. 

PLAYERS: 3-6. One person is the GAME MASTER.

A CHALLENGE is a whole scene of CONFLICT, represented by one ROLL, always a D10. Every CHALLENGE is either to a single character's HUMANITY, or RATIONALITY, which is an attribute rated between 2 and 8; a character begins play with 10 points to split into these. On a loss, the character loses a point, or the STAKES, or a TAG. 

STAKES are a narrative resource, described by the GM as the reason for standing and defending at a particular battle. 

TAGS are Values, Possessions, and Relationships held by a character, who starts with 10. These illustrate the identity of the character, and a note card kept by the Player should have a descriptive sentence attaching personal meaning to each. 

CONFLICT scenes alternate with REST scenes in which the next STAKES are chosen.

Author Comments

http://www.twitter.com/roostercastille Play games. Games are the medium of the future.

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