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Bronze Temple: The Game of Pyrrhic Attrition • 2018 rpg

RoosterCastille •

The Empire is invading and violating the holy sanctity of the worship at the Bronze Temple. The characters, or Defenders, might not be of the faithful - they may be foreign allies - but they definitely all need the Empire's conquest of the known world to be slowed or stopped. 

PLAYERS: 3-6. One person is the GAME MASTER.

A CHALLENGE is a whole scene of CONFLICT, represented by one ROLL, always a D10. Every CHALLENGE is either to a single character's HUMANITY, or RATIONALITY, which is an attribute rated between 2 and 8; a character begins play with 10 points to split into these. On a loss, the character loses a point, or the STAKES, or a TAG. 

STAKES are a narrative resource, described by the GM as the reason for standing and defending at a particular battle. 

TAGS are Values, Possessions, and Relationships held by a character, who starts with 10. These illustrate the identity of the character, and a note card kept by the Player should have a descriptive sentence attaching personal meaning to each. 

CONFLICT scenes alternate with REST scenes in which the next STAKES are chosen.

Author Comments Play games. Games are the medium of the future.

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