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Cyberpunk 200d6 • 2018 rpg

Maus und Welpe • no link

Cyberpunk 200d6:

A quick and dirty cyberpunk RPG.
You need a six sided dice (d6), a Gamemaster (GM), two to four players, pencils, paper and rubbers.

Character creation:

Give your character a name.

Choose one augmentation:

body +1
senses +1
reflexes +1
mind +1

Choose one special:

fighting +1
hacking +
driving +1
social +1

Choose one special equipment:

weapon +1
armor +1
tech +1
money +1

Every character has a least one +0 weapon and what ever given by GM.
Role d6 for hit points (HP).

Describe your character and the things you choose.

Doing things:

GM chooses difficulty of the task ( 2(easy), 4(middle), 6(hard) and 9(nearly impossible) etc.
Player roles d6.
Add the boni which are appropriate (between +0 and +3).
If role is higher or equal to diffiulty it is a success.

Fighting is like doing things.
Attacker rolles attack role like doing things.
Defender rolls defense role d6+weapon+body ( if any boni).

Substract difference from HP.
If HP becomes 0, character is dead.

Author Comments

Something for a quick and dirty one shot adventure.

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