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Alibi • 2018 rpg

Nathan Black •

A game for 1+ players


Read aloud:
"You are part of a vast international conspiracy of the utmost importance. Your mission-should you decide to accept it-is to pick a target and help them have a better day. Your methods should be subtle and not draw attention to you or your mission.  Anonymously buy them a cup of coffee, thank them for something good you've seen them do, share a photo of a cute animal or listen to their story. Then disappear back into the crowd. Always disappear back into the crowd. Reassure them that there is good in the world, that others can be kind, and that sometimes good things just happen.

Go forth into this dark world as a beacon of light."


Start at Level 1 and advance until you struggle. Then thank yourself for your good work, and start back at Level 1. With practice and perseverance you will advance quickly.

Level 1
Target: yourself

Level 2
Target: a friend or family member

Level 3
Target: Level 2 that you haven't heard from in a while

Level 4
Target: a stranger

Level 5
Target: a stranger you disagree with

Level 6

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