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Nutty Racers • 2018 rpg

Tom Schilling • no link

On your marks, set, GO! You play racers in a nutty cartoon where there are no rules, and all types of racers enter. Drivers, runners, pop singers, etc. enter to see who's best.

Choose your racetrack (usually a game board.)

Write your character's name on a piece of paper. Secretly write a word on the back. This word is your Gimmick and it's how you advance in the race.

On you turn, you have 20 seconds to describe your outrageous way of moving up through the pack. Secretly keep track of the number of times you say your Gimmick. Move forward that number of spaces at the end of your turn.

Pay attention on other players' turns though. Keep track of the number of times they say your Gimmick and move back one space for each time they use your Gimmick!

You can advance using one of your fellow racers by saying their name on your turn. If they move at the end of your turn, you move forward extra spaces equal to the number of players. If they don't move, they get in your way and you move one space fewer forward.

First across the finish is the champion!

Author Comments

Suggestions for play: All conjugations, declensions, forms, etc. of a word count as the word. So if the word is run, ran and running also count as run.

Remember that when it’s your turn, you should be describing something over-the-top so saying “I run, run, run, run, run…” is not really in the spirit of the game.

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