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Con-Traction • 2018 rpg

William J. (B.J.) Altman •

Reaching your goal risks total collapse.

3+ players
Strong bar magnets

Choose the setting (e.g. Venice or a teenager's mind).

Choose the goal (e.g. monopolize the pearl trade or who to ask to Prom).

Choose your character (e.g. Alfonsi Trading House or thinking of Sam).
Place your magnet on your card so that if two cards touch, the magnets strongly repel or attract each other.

Arrange the cards equidistant in a circle with one pole facing center so the magnets aren't interacting.
Proceed in order of increasing age.

Describe a scene involving your character and at least one other, illustrating an attempt to achieve the goal.

If your character is described in a scene, move your card one card width toward the center of the circle.

If your magnet moves off the card or touches another, your plans blow up. Reset to your starting position, and describe how the previous scene ruined your efforts.

When resetting, you may choose to be destroyed. If so, describe how another profits and move them toward the center. Make a new character.

The first character to reach the center achieves the goal and describes the end.

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