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Cuteness Battle! • 2018 rpg

Celine Oon • no link

You're all cute things, in battle to determine who's the cutest of all. As cute things, you're powered by the cutest foods of all: desserts!

Decide on themes for everyone's cuteness.

Put a different dessert in front of each player, all of similar size. Don't use dessert that degrades over time, like ice-cream.

Randomly pick first player.

A turn goes:
1.	Choose player to attack.
2.	Do/describe something thematically appropriate, cute and magical, and bet a portion of dessert on it. More fancy, more dessert.
3.	Players not in battle decide if bet is adequate, or if attacker should bet more.
4.	Attacked player either responds in kind, or surrenders equivalent portion of dessert to attacker.
5.	If attacked player responds in kind, players not in battle vote on the cuter performance/description. Winner gets dessert bets.

Play rotates clockwise.

In case of tie, players in battle eat a portion of dessert in secret. The player who eats more wins.

When a player loses all dessert, they're out of the running! They can still vote.

Last player with dessert remaining is the cutest thing of all, and gets exclusive bragging rights.

When game is over, everyone eats dessert together!

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