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Some Adjudication May Be Required • 2018 rpg

Clark B Timmins •

Player's Handbook: 
We should play lawmen and desperados but decorum constrains us after a certain age.  Thus, runes are used to denote characteristics.  Often, they are numerals to lend an air of credibility and provide a basis for comparison.  Thence, all players are equal but the Game Master is more equal.  Take thou a heap of dice and cast them.  Call some results good, others bad.  Divine from them; play proceeds apace.  Situations will develop.

Game Master's Guide: 
Events contain danger which yields tension and spurs reaction; hilarity ensues.  A milieu develops.  Group innovation should not be deprecated.  In the mind's eye they'll become heroic; that world then services them.  That which is simplest is intelligible, thus enjoyable.  Pick thou a genre to aid simplicity.  Hidden meaning must be obvious.  Secret things must be found out.  Stereotypes should not be despised.  Don't overmuch concern thyself with coherence, as the mind is enamored of pattern and will force it, regardless.

Monster Manual: 
Thou shalt foster much fear in them by often presenting the other.  The other should be similar but yet strange.  Even the smallest divagation from their normal can form the basis of hatred.

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