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Phenomena • 2018 rpg

Evlyn Moreau •

Use a deck of 52 poker cards.

The guide setup a location where strange phenomena occur. 
The players say who they are and describe something strange they have witnessed. 

When the guide describes something strange, if the players interact with the phenomenon they turns over a card.

If the card is black the guide narrates something horrific, if the card is red something wondrous. 

The players can continue to turn cards to interact with the phenomenon. 
If they score 21 they make a discovery and the scene concludes positively for them.
If they bust over 21 someone is hurt and the scene concludes negatively.  
If they fight or flight they keep their hand and the guide draws cards against them.
If the guide beats their hand without busting 21 someone is killed, otherwise the players narrate the outcome. 

When the players score 21, they put a card aside for the final scene, when they bust the guide chooses the card. The game ends when the final hand scores or exceeds 21. 
The color that appears the most determines the nature of the final scene (horrific or wondrous). 
The players survive if they score 21 and die if they bust.  

Author Comments

Thanks to Oli Jeffery, FM Geist, Mabel Harper and Aleksandra S. for they help and feedback.

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