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Going Out In Style • 2018 rpg

Parker Martin • no link

The world is ending. You want to go out in style.

You need a deck of cards.
- Joker: 0
- Face: 10
- Ace: 11

Describe your Talent. When your Talent relates to the Obstacle, describe how, draw a second card, and choose one. Shuffle the other into the deck.

Describe your Drive. Fulfilling your Drive turns the top discarded card into an Edge for you and you describe a new Drive. You can swap Edges with your card. You can place Edges with the same suite as a placed card to add its value on any turn. Describe how Edges are used.

Your turn:
1. Describe your action
2. Player to your left draws a card, places it, and describes the Obstacle
3. Draw a card and place it. Success if the value is equal or higher
4. Describe success or failure
5. Color effects
6. Discard placed cards
7. Turn passes to your right

Obstacle colors have effects:
- Red: On success, shuffle discarded cards into the deck equal to the value of this card.
- Black: On failure, discard deck cards equal to the value of this card.

When the deck is empty, the world ends. How stylish were you?

Author Comments

Look forward to an extended version of this where the end isn’t inevitable, everyone’s a robot, and the meaning of life is explored.

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