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Secret Person of Color • 2018 rpg

Camdon Wright •

Divide players evenly into 2 groups: Average and PoC

With uneven numbers, Average takes the extra player.

All players name their character; PoC also pick a secret biracial ethnicity.
Averages choose a PoC character to separate and question. Questions include, "What are you?" "Where did you get that hair?" and "You look exotic." Treat the last statement as a question. 

The PoC must convince each Average of the validity of their ethnicity with pictures, stories, or family history. Roshambo determines if the PoC is able to get the Average to acknowledge the PoC's marginalized status. If convinced, the Average tells a story about a friend, restaurant, or movie that features part of the PoC's ethnicity. The round ends when the PoC has tried to convince each Average, successful or not, and then introduces the Average group to the next PoC. 

Average earn:
1 point for each listening to, believing, or knowing a fact about the PoC and/or their heritage
3 points for response story
5 points identifying a "fake PoC"

PoC earn:
1 point for each supporting fact and Average convinced
-5 points for each person not convinced
-7 points for pointed or angry comments

Rank players by totals

Author Comments

Games unite, educate, break our hearts, and bring joy into our lives. Keep playing pretend and seek out different voices to join you.

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