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Bury Mary: The Great Lich's Bake Off • 2018 rpg

Peter Reitz • no link

-- Setup --
Create Competitors (PCs): Our adventurers seek the Lich's magical trove.
     - What's your signature ingredient?
     - What school of magic infuses your baking?
     - What magical cooking artifact do you seek?

Describe Lich: Powerful but ennui-ridden, this spellcaster longs to die. Only perfectly crafted confections can destroy their phylactery.
     - What flavor is their phylactery?
     - Which ancient food-related specialty have they mastered?

Name NPC Competitors: Number = 7 - PCs.
     - What makes each NPC inadequate?

Determine Five Rounds: Biscuits, Breads, Cakes, Chocolate, Pastries, Pies, etc.

-- Challenges -- 
Each round:

1. PCs accrue +1, 0, -1 to their stats:
2. Flip a coin for the Lich's Criteria: 
     Heads = Presentation 
     Tails = Flavor
3. PCs describe their bakes. Each rolls 1d6 + Lich's Criteria:
     6+: You're a frontrunner. Narrate the Lich's delight. 
     4-5: You're safe. Narrate the Lich's disappointment.
     -3: You're up for elimination. Narrate your baking disaster.

Frontrunners roll 1d6 + Luck. Highest roll wins; others become safe. 

Potential eliminees roll 1d6 + Luck; lowest roll loses and narrates their elimination.

If all PCs are safe/win, eliminate an NPC; if all NPCs are eliminated, eliminate the PC with lowest +Luck roll.

-- Endgame --
Fifth round: Winner narrates the ending ceremony and the Lich's release.

Author Comments

This project combines my two great loves: baking and necromancy.

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