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Banquo at the Feast • 2018 rpg

Marn •

One player is the GHOST, who has been murdered. The other players are feast ATTENDEES. The setting and occasion of the feast are up to you.

GHOST: Name and describe yourself, as you were in life and as you are in death.

ATTENDEES: Name and describe yourself. Name at least one way in which you helped murder the GHOST.

Each ATTENDEE tells a story - it may be about themself, another ATTENDEE, or the GHOST. The GHOST may interject twice per story, and name something in the story as a lie. Anyone besides the ATTENDEE telling the story may elaborate on what the truth is.

The GHOST manifests to the ATTENDEES in a way of their choosing. Each ATTENDEE may accuse someone else at the table of murdering the GHOST.

Each ATTENDEE who has been accused must make a case as to why they did not kill the GHOST. As before, the GHOST may pick out two falsehoods per story, but only the GHOST may now elaborate as to what the truth is.

The ATTENDEES must vote on who among them will be executed for the murder of the GHOST.

Author Comments

i’ve been a big fan of mafia and similar games since i was pretty little, and one of my favorite things was when the “narrator” of any mafia game would come up with elaborate stories as to how the victim of each round died, or tried to catch the mafia. i thought i’d write a mafia “hack” that had that sort of storytelling built in, and allowed the players to make characters for themselves!

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